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About Us

Learning Together

With our central reference hub located in Westlock, designed for rural Alberta, together we offer assistance to families wanting to build strengths and develop strong familial units. We provide opportunity for caregiver education and other programming focusing on child development, asset building, parenting, and strengthening family bonds. 

Our home visitation program provides one on one parenting strategies to promote positive parent-child relationships, increase parenting knowledge and skills, foster healthy pregnancies and child development, help families identify and access formal and informal supports and services, assist in the identification and pursuit of family goals

We work collaboratively with families to build caregiver confidence in their ability to meet their children's needs. Supports may focus on healthy relationships, attachment, and positive discipline, mentoring, life skills, and child development.

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Family Time


Provincial Family Resource Networks (FRNs) deliver high quality prevention and early intervention services and supports for children aged 0 to 18.

Networks provide a range of services and supports that focus on strengthening parenting and caregiving knowledge, social support, coping and problem-solving skills, access to community supports and resources, improving child and youth development, building resiliency and fostering well-being.

Through a ‘hub and spoke’ model of service delivery, Networks (hubs) will coordinate the prevention and early intervention services in all geographic areas and in various cultural communities across the province – either directly or through collaborative partnerships with qualified service agencies or providers (spokes).


Parent Coaching

Offering practical and well-researched strategies, tailored to the unique needs of every family, that are proven to work

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What we offer


Community Resources

Our small town has so much to offer, including support for struggling relationships, educational connections, and services provided by organizations all around town.


Ages and Stages

Screening young children is an effective, way for professionals to check a child’s development, help parents celebrate their child’s milestones and know what to look for next. It’s also an essential first step toward identifying children with delays or disorders in the critical early years, even before they start school.


Family Yoga


Rainbow Yoga is interactive and social, it is all about connection; Touch, hug, move, breathe and co-create together. 

Private, in home sessions are offered. 

Want to know more?

Mother and Daughter Yoga
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Differ from your partner's?
Struggling to find what works for you and your kids?
Wonder if you yell too much or maybe you don't follow through enough?
Baby Car Seats

If you need assistance installing a carseat, or want to make sure yours has been installed properly- check with our certified Child Passenger Safety Technician today


In Home Support

We offer support to parents and guardians who may be struggling with or want to improve upon the behaviours occurring in the home. Whether meeting in our office or in the comfort of your own home, where you'd like to receive parent coaching is up to you. Together we can navigate through those unfavourable behaviours and make positive changes for your family.

Peacemaking Circles

promote relationship building

through authenticity.

Circles may be utilized for

Conflict Resolution,

Trauma Support,


Communication Methods

and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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You could go it alone...but you don't have to.

Lots of teens suffer in silence.  They feel like they should be able to handle all of the pressures of their lives alone. In group, we help teens explore their identities, challenge social constructs, find their community and voice.

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