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  • Struggle with anxiety, depression and self-doubt

  • Have trouble expressing themselves or being assertive

  • Express negative self-talk or don't seem to "see" themselves the way others do

  • Question their value and place in their world

  • Want a supportive place to learn effective ways to cope with stress and emotions

  • Unsure of where they fit in

Image by Annie Spratt
  • The girls meet once a week in a safe environment

  • Each session is one to two hours in duration, depending on the engagement and seriousness of the conversation

  • This 6 week program is tailored to suit the needs of the girls, as discovered through each session

  • Ideally for girls aged 12-17
  • Confidentiality is maintained





Created for

girls who

Girls will learn to

  • Effectively communicate and manage emotions

  • Connect to others and feel understood

  • Identify and respond to daily stressors effectively

  • Combat negative thinking and improve self-esteem

  • Critically evaluate the impact of Social Media on their lives

The finer details include

"Pretty cool. Always know how to help. Really nice and always accepting of us. Always listens. Doesn't yell if we swear."

"I'm so grateful that you have decided to start this group! It's really fun and helpful! I hope you enjoy listening to us!"

"You created so many memories with us girls and kept us girls in line. Thanks for teaching us new things and skills."

"You're an amazing teacher and I wish this would go on longer."

Image by Annie Spratt

"I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful. I would definitely want to do it again."

"Thank you for making this thing for us! I want you to continue this for the rest of the year."

"I am very grateful to have this class with you, and you inspire me. You also get what everyone is trying to say and you help very much."

"You are extremely understanding and patient. You give great advice."


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